2Dating back to ancient China, porcelain remains a popular symbol of beauty and power. Art Porcelain collectors and artists take pride in the fact that their beautiful porcelain artworks will live on after them. Art is created on porcelain by painting the surface of the porcelain with mineral based pigments, usually mixed by the artist. Then the piece is fired in a kiln at variety of temperatures up to 1200 degrees! The porcelain must then cool for hours, even up to a day before it can even be touched.


1Sometimes a piece must be painted and fired several times before it is finished. Patience, skill, attention to detail, even a little luck are necessary for a successful art porcelain.

Beginning as an ancient Chinese secret, art porcelain evolved to become the symbol of great wealth and stature as European powers introduced it into the West.  Today, art porcelain is popular and affordable, however, still a brilliant art that attracts many people's interest.